Reuniclus has an ability,  Psychic Net.

In game description: You may redo battle spins up to the number of your other Reuniclus on the field and bench.

Practical explanation: If you have 2 or 3 Reuniclus in your deck and you attack with one of them, for each one on your bench or field, you may re-spin your attack once.
Type Name Chance Power Description
Red Miss 12 *This section reduced via leveling
White Brain Link 32 50 Deals x2 damage if one of your own Reuniclus is within 2 steps of this Pokémon
White Hyper Beam 20 120 If the battle opponent is knocked out, the next turn will always be the other player's
Red Miss 8
Purple Confuse Ray 24 ☆☆☆ The battle opponent becomes confused